When our bride and groom wanted us to incorporate their love of travel into their wedding day we couldn't be more excited! Our creative juices started flowing. That is how these pretty little things came into play! Mini globe tables numbers, all hand painted... and sealed with the perfect vinyl number, designed by the amazingly talented ladies at Prim & Pixie. We were pretty happy with how they turned out! See our process below. Hope you like!! 


Photo by | Birds of a Feather


- Globe (whatever style/size you desire)

- Spray Paint

- Stencils/Cut-Outs (the design with which you would like to paint on the globe)

- Pencils

- Gold Foil Paint (We used Martha Stewart gold gilding paint)

- Paint Brushes (of various sizes)

- Sealant Spray 

Frenchy seemed to like these a lot! :) 


- Purchase Globe + Materials listed above

- Unscrew & detach the globe from the stand

- Spray paint the globe, color of your choosing (let dry for a day)

- Choose the design you would like to paint, and create a cut-out to trace

- Trace your design lightly with a pencil

- Paint your design onto the globe with your gold foil paint (let dry for a day)

- Place globe back onto it's stand (important to do this before you put the number decal on, so you know where to properly place it) 

- Stick your vinyl table number onto the globe (you can make your own with a Cricut Explore Machine, or use a graphic designer to make for you)